Tuesday, January 10, 2012

~A Recipe for Angel Biscuits ~

Last week, I posted a recipe for Cheesy Chicken Chowder and mentioned that I served it with Angel Biscuits.  I have had several ask for the biscuit recipe, so I'm sharing it with you today.  Angel Biscuits are also known as Yeast Biscuits but don't let that scare you because there is very minimal kneading involved.  And I mean minimal!  And no rising is involved either!  So, if at the last minute, you decide you want to make them...no problem.  I love the yeasty taste of breads and  this is becoming my favorite "go to" recipe for when I'm in the mood.

This recipe is originally titled as "Kansas Elders' Yeast Biscuits"

The recipe is below and available for you to save to your computer or print now and file away in your own recipe notebook or box.  Just right click on the photo.

Hope that soup and these biscuits are on your menu today to keep your tummy warm and full ~

Note:  I forgot to edit my recipe.  Done means about 20 minutes or so to bake.  You want the tops to be lightly browned.  You could also butter the tops for a golden brown look.  Enjoy!


Nancy said...

Thank you for the recipe. They look like a taste of home ;-)

Sam I Am...... said...

Thank you so much! I was one of the ones that asked for the recipe. They look so light and fluffy I can't wait to try them! Love your blog and it's got so many cute features and pictures.

Debbie Kay said...

Hello Velma,

I just found your blog, I LOVE IT. Thank you for blessing my world, it is a pleasure to meet you.

Smiles & Sunshine,


My Vintage Mending said...

Tomato soup is on the menu tomorrow as it is supposed to finally cool down...these look yummy. Who doesn't love a great bun...smiles...Renee

Shannon @ COZY HOME SCENES said...

Your biscuits look very good Velma! Angel biscuits always bring me back to Christmas time with long time family friends. Both our moms made them, with slightly different recipes. Only the other mom made smaller biscuits to make them go farther for the holidays.

Lots of parties and people stuffing themselves at Christmas....the woman didn't want any wasted bread. She gave each of us kids one biscuit.

I still remember her son loudly announcing one year that she hadn't let him have any biscuits before the party and they were so tiny he wanted to START with two. We kids (well teens at the time) were howling by the end of the meal when I think he ended up eating 4. Guess his mom made bigger ones the next year!

Have a great night!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Man you don't have to twist my arm to try any bread recipe! I would do just fine in jail with bread and water LOL. If you don't get your dress form done for the party, you are right you will get tons of ideas!!


TinaTx said...

My grandmother used to make Angel Biscuits! I usually shy away from anything that requires the use of yeast - unless it has already been baked, then I'm all over it!

Sherry said...

Your biscuits look wonderful!


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