I love to sew.  I have made many things over the years including clothes for me and the family, decorations for my home, crafts for my home and crafts to sell.  Some of my favorite hobbies are sewing...pretty much anything that you have to put in front of a sewing machine.  But please don't ask me to alter anything...that is the one part of sewing that I absolutely hate.  I'd much rather start from scratch!!

Quilting is something that I love to do but I haven't done it very often.  I'm WAY overdue getting my youngest daughter's quilt finished.  I've got it in a basket near my sewing machine now, so maybe I'll work on it more!  I'd love to at least have it ready for the hand sewing part to do this winter  while watching TV

I love to crochet.  I've got an afghan that I'm working on now.  Actually, from time to time when I've got a few minutes and especially while I'm on the road.  Not while I'm driving, of course, but as a passenger it gives me something to do and I love passing the time .  Otherwise, I might fall asleep!!

I look forward to sharing some of my many sewing projects with you and I'd love to know what you're doing right now.

Happy stitching~

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