Tuesday, January 17, 2012

~Looky What I Won!!~

I love to enter giveaways, don't you?  I love it that bloggers are so generous to offer wonderful items...to celebrate a milestone on their blog, to promote their site, because a sponsor sent them an item to try out or maybe just because they're sweet and generous.  Whatever the reason, I love it!

I'm love to enter giveaways.  I always mark my calendar for the date to announce the winner, keeping my fingers crossed and, with baited breath, I check to see if my name was chosen.  Well, about two weeks ago, I got an email that I had been chosen for one....and then later in the week, I got another announcement,  Yes, ANOTHER announcement that my name had been picked.  Woohoo!! Twice in one week.  I could not believe it.  Pinch me.  Am I dreaming or what??  Nope, I was not dreaming!!

You wanna see what I won?  Are you waiting with baited breath like me?  No?  Oh.  You're curious though, aren't you?  Yes?  Okay good.  I'll share with you what I won.  Oh, what was funny was that I got both items in the mail the same day...hehe.  It almost felt like my birthday~  Okay, okay.  I'll show you what I got.  Sheesh.  ;)

See?  I told ya :)

This is the first item I won.  Jan, from Papercraft Pleasures, was having a giveaway for this CD full of vintage style graphics.  It comes from Craft Secrets.  If you create cards or tags, you may  be familiar with this.  For the life of me, I cannot remember whose blog I read about this giveaway!  Anyway, I hopped over there and entered on the very last day.

What caught my attention were the vintage style graphics.  I love them!  So many different ways to use them..on my blog, crafting, scrapbooking and maybe even card or tag making.  I've never done done this type of craft and I think they are so adorable.  But I've got too many crafting irons in the fire right now to take on another craft.  So, maybe not the card/tag making.

The other item I won was from the Shabby Fabrics blog.  I love the fabrics in Jen's store!!  Oh my gosh, I could go bankrupt in that place!  Anyway, Jen was having a giveaway for one of the books by a new designers, Brenda Riddle, and we had to choose which book we would like if we were chosen.

Aren't these patterns just adorable?    Not only quilt patterns because there's a pleated pillow pattern on the right page.  See it?

This little tablecloth pattern is so cute.  There is also a pattern to do a yo-yo garland, a wool applique runner and several fairly easy quilts.  I chose it because of the variety of items and the simplicity of them because of time issues. I love quilting but just don't have time for it.  In fact, I've got a quilt that I need to finish for my youngest!!

If you've not ever done quilting, the instructions are easy enough for a beginner to understand.

These are the instructions for that cute little red-checkered tablecloth up above.  A little bit of applique work, but it's not too hard.  I like the whimsical look of the flower. :)  This one shouldn't take too long to do.  But if I started it now, my daughter would kill me!!

So, there you've got it.  Two cute and entirely different giveaway prizes.  What do you think of them?  Do you  have giveaways on your blog?  Do you enter giveaways?  I'm planning my first real giveaway here in the next few weeks and I'm really excited about that.  I'm not ready for it yet, but I'll be sure to let you know when I am. ;)

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Blondie's Journal said...

It looks like your wins were tailor made for you, Velma! I love having and winning giveaways, it shows the true generosity of the blogging world! Congratulations!


Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Well hello there, Velma! So glad to meet you!
Congrats on your wins! I love give aways, too!

I'm so glad you joined our swap! I'll be announcing the partners soon. ♥

Patty said...

congratulations on your two wins. It is always a happy time when I find something in my mailbox besides bills. I am so glad you won such nice prizes.

My Vintage Mending said...

This blogging thing is really too much fun...no? Congrats...smiles...Renee

Sam I Am...... said...

How wonderful is that? Don't we all love little surprises like that in the mail? They are both VERY nice items too...things a girl can truly use! Have fun Velma!
I have not tried the giveaway on my blog yet but was thinking about it.

Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...

Great wins and twice at that! Congratulations you lucky girl! What fun you will have with these...

TinaTx said...

Congrats on the wins! I've spent a few hours (and a few dollars) over at Shabby Fabrics myself! I visited their booth at festival and they are just the sweetest people!


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