~About Me~

Hello!  My name is Velma and I live in central Oklahoma where I have been blessed to be a wife of 38 years to my dear hubby, Mr. Bill; mom to three wonderful children who are all grown and married with children of their own; Mammer to five adorable and possibly spoiled grandbabies; and Momma to one, definitely spoiled, Havanese dog named Banjo.

In my junior high Home Economic classes, I was taught how to take a little fabric and thread to create something beautiful and fell in love with that concept.  By using my hands and the talents that God has given me, I have learned how to create things for my home, making clothes for my family and making crafts to sell as a hobby.  I have also learned how to quilt and crochet.

In my Home Ec class, I also learned even more cooking skills that were not taught to me by my mother.  I learned how to to take a little bit of this and a little bit of that to create yummy dishes.  I grew up in a home of not only simple, country style meals but Hamburger Helper, canned biscuits and cake mixes.  So cooking a lot of foods from scratch truly intrigued me and I fell in love!

I love all things old...ironstone, the smell of old wood, furniture that is worn and even chipped, vintage linens. My style is rather eclectic...antiques, farmhouse, country, shabby and even a little cottage.

The very early years of my life were lived in the country, but my parents chose the life of living in the suburbs instead and that is where I spent my growing up years.  But the desire for living the country life never left me.  I was blessed to meet  and marry my sweetheart who also loved the country life and that is where we have spent most of our married years; over the last several years it has been on 160 acres a little ways out of the town limits and a good ways from the city limits.  This blessed country life is where I hope to spend the remainder of my days.

I love gardening and digging my hands in the soil but my health prevents me from having a vegetable garden, so I am limited to growing flowers.

I love to laugh.  I love to have a good time.  I am very sentimental and I cry easily.  I love to give hugs and kisses, especially to my grandchildren.

I love poems, quotes and phrases that make me stop and think, that make me smile and sometimes make me cry.  Did I say that I cry easily?

I love to read...nothing heavy, mostly historical novels; my Bible and sometimes books that make me grow as a Christian and individual; sometimes something about an interesting person.

I love taking pictures (though not an excellent photographer) and scrapbooking, which is one of my favorite hobbies but, unfortunately, it has been rather neglected over the last few years.

Though I don't get to do it too often, I love to travel and now we have our RV to take on trips; many short and some long.

I love my Lord and Savior who has blessed me immensely in my life.  He is my Rock and my Foundation.  He is my Light and my Fortress.  He is my Father who holds my hand as I walk thru this life and He embraces me in the storms of my life.  He loves me deeply and is patient with me as He continues to mold me and make me in His image.  He is my All in All; without Him, I can do nothing and without Him, I would be empty.

I am so delighted that you have stopped by for a visit.  I hope that you will stop by often and would love to have you follow my blog either by email or thru Facebook.

Have a blessed day ~

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