Tuesday, November 1, 2011

~Tackling the Mountain ~

My house is in need of a major cleaning.  From top to bottom.  I hate to think of the last time I did things like washing windows, dusting baseboards, moving furniture to clean underneath and behind....the list goes on.  I do have excuses reasons for alot of it not getting done.  Really I do.  I've told  you before about my back and fibromyalgia issues along with the medications.  They prevent me from tackling big projects all in one day.  And, the little cleaning elves refuse to stop at my house so I've just got to buckle up and get 'er done.  It's time to tackle that mountain!!

The light green chair on the far right is my 'office' chair.  Where I spend most of my computer time.  That's my trusty little computer, too.  Just thought you wanted to know. :)

This is the living room in case you were wondering.  I hate to admit it, but these are 'carefully' posed photos to keep from showing you the worst of the mess!  It's really sad and SO embarrassing.  But I'll show you some of the worst here in just a bit.

There's one of several boxes of STUFF that I need to go through.  You know, mail (tons of it), paperwork, toys, books and other miscellaneous items I think I'll put away later but it never gets done.  The living room has, basically, been situated like this for several years.   So, it's time for a little rearranging while I'm at it.

The other day, I moved all the furniture out (thank goodness for wood floors...you just slide it around!) and did my major cleaning.  This is part of the stack of things that I moved into the breakfast area along with my cleaning supplies. Oh, and there are dirty dishes in there, too.  I overdid it yesterday and am really paying for it now.  I am tackling THIS a little bit at a time.

Fall blessings ~


Kerin said...

I know that you'll get it all done in no time at all :)
Just be certain to take care of you, and not over do it.
How is it that we get things out, but that they never get put away as easily ....hmmmm??!!
Have a productive, happy nesting day!

A Vintage Green said...

15 minutes or 5 minutes at a time, rest, drink water, rest. You are amazing. Don't over do it. Thank goodness for hardwood and sliding furniture.

I ove checking your blog every day.

I 'received' a Liebster Blog Award today - a 'pass it on' way to share newer blogs through your own blog - kind of like a linky. You can see it on my post and follow up or not.
Take a peek anyway and 'share your links' if you like.
- Joy

Nancy said...

I hear ya. Pace yourself and take many breaks...preferably with coffee and a donut. Jist my preference ;-)
Have a cleaning party! Provide food and drinks and let your friends have at it. I should take my own advice! Gentle hugs.

Lemon Lane Cottage said...

Okay, you have me feeling a little bit guilty. My plan is to deep clean as I bring out the Christmas decortions. Be careful you don't overdue! Patty

Angela said...

I just finished putting my Fall decorations away (October is our Thanksgiving..September till the end of Oct. is Fall decorations in this house). Now time for decorating for Christmas! I will be putting up a post soon (hopefully,lol) to share my craft room. Well what was my craft room now has become the 'dumping zone'. or like I say,,hoarders paradise! SIGH...I too have excuses, I mean lots of on my plate these days and my house is definitely showing the signs..SIGH...I finally am able to see my diningroom table today...last night it was COVERED in loads of laundry....Blessings.

TinaTx said...

I used to 'power clean' but I just can't do it anymore! I would take a couple of days and do the whole house, now I have to take it a few rooms at a time. Of course, I don't have the boys rooms to do anymore so that helps - those rooms could take a whole day. (I would tackle their rooms a couple of times a year, when it got to the point I couldn't stand it anymore!)
Love, love those furniture sliders for moving furniture! I have several pieces I just leave them under all the time!
Good luck with you cleaning!

Country Dreaming said...

Good Luck! My allergies get the best of when we do this kind of stuff.

Take care.


Shannon@Cozy Home Scenes said...

Who says it must get done all in a day? I like to clean in sections and that way I don't look at the whole mess and get overwhelmed. Takes longer but I can handle it better.-------Shannon

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Kathy said...

Inch by inch, anything's a sinch!

Anonymous said...

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