Saturday, November 12, 2011

~Vintage Style Aprons for the Holidays~

I have a selling blog for the items that I create and sell in my Etsy shop but it is a work in progress at this time.  I have decided to wait until the first of the year to get back to work on that.  Until then, I will be posting about them here on this blog.  I have several vintage style aprons that are perfect for the upcoming holidays and figured I had better hurry up and get them on the site.  Time is running out!!

                            Pilgrim Harvest Vintage Style Apron - Medium
This is my Pilgrim Harvest apron with a collage of all things that remind us of Thanksgiving.  I especially love the pilgrims with the "give thanks" phrase.

   Pilgrim Harvest Vintage Style Apron - Medium
I make all my own bias trim using a coordinating print fabric.  This one is made with a soft burgundy and cream-colored dots.  It is used on the scalloped pinafore....

            Pilgrim Harvest Vintage Style Apron - Medium
and large roomy pockets, which are typical of a vintage style apron and also along the hemline (you can't see it in these photos...sorry).

                            Pilgrim Harvest Vintage Style Apron - Medium
The pinafore crisscrosses in the back and buttons at the waist.
I have only one available, at this time, and it comes in Medium.

                          Snow 'n' Peppermint Vintage Style Apron - Medium
I love not only the style of this little apron but also the fabric.  It doesn't have the typical red and green Christmas colors but rather touches of winter blue, deep red and silvery white.

Snow 'n' Peppermint Vintage Style Apron - Medium
Little peppermint snowmen with their blue scarves.  I used a deep red with silver speckles for 
the coordinating bias trim.

Scalloped hems and bias trim cute is that??

                           Snow 'n' Peppermint Vintage Style Apron - Medium
What I love about this apron is that it can be worn all thru Christmas and the winter season.  Do you agree?  This apron comes in Medium but can be made in other sizes with a one to two week wait.

 This is my gingerbread apron all decked out with gingerbread chefs ready to help with making their gingerbread houses.

 White rickrack with decorative red stitching trims the top of the bodice, extra large pocket and right above the ruffle at the bottom of the skirt.

  Wear this apron for your Christmas baking, cookie exchange, Christmas party...and what else?  This particular apron is a Small but other sizes are available.  There is a one to two week wait to complete your order.  If you are interested in these aprons or any other items I have, you can see them HERE.

Do you even wear an apron?  Do you especially wear one during the holidays or other special events during the year?  I love the vintage style aprons but what do you think about them?

Hope you are having a beautiful Autumn day where you are ~

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Kerin said...

Oh, those are beautiful!
You are so talented.
I do wear an apron each day, and have quite a collection :)
I will have to send a hint to Santa about your lovely aprons!

Cindy said...

Hi Velma, your aprons are gorgeous! I love the style of them. I can't wear the ones that hook around the neck, they cause my back and neck to hurt. If I did not sew I would order one of yours.
Love, Cindy


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