Friday, November 18, 2011

~All Because I Love You~

This is my little granddaughter, who is lovingly referred to as "Monkey".  Several months ago, she called and asked me if I would make her a bandana skirt.  In case you missed it, you can read about the tutorial for the skirt HERE.  It was easy enough and I not only made one but THREE of them for her.

 As you can see, she was way beyond delighted, which she always is with each and every gift she receives.  I love the fact that she doesn't take her gifts, especially handmade ones, for granted.  Whatever she gets, you'd think that it was the bestest gift in the whole wide world  and I like it that way.  Well, she called me recently asking for another handmade item.  This time it is for a bridal gown for her Barbie doll!

For Halloween, her mama created a bride's dress for her out of the underskirt (what's that thing called??) of a bride's dress that she got from the thrift store.  Pretty darn good creation from someone who taught herself to sew!!  Anyway...long story short.  She saw one for a Barbie doll at an arts/craft show...she thought they needed matching was too much an idea to ask Mammer to make one and here we are.  She is always so sweet when she asks me and, since they were providing all the material and pattern, I couldn't turn her down.  Mind you...I haven't made Barbie clothes in probably 20 years or so and I never made a bride's dress!!!

With everything in hand, I started putting this little baby together.  It wasn't easy working with lace and I used alot of "fray check" to keep that and the satin type material from fraying and getting in the way of the Velcro.

Looks kinda freaky with the arms sticking out like this, doesn't it?  I don't have a Barbie doll on hand to model the dress but, thankfully, I was able to stand it up due to the tulle underskirt.

Hard to see in this photo, but the arms and shoulder area are not lined.  I'm hoping she'll be really careful taking it on and off.  If the lace gets torn up, I may have to make another one and use a real lightweight lining underneath to preserve the lace.  Thankfully, I've got some fabric leftover.

This is the veil.  The lace trim had rather stiff edging.  That's why it stands out like it does.  If it doesn't lay well on the doll, I may have to look for some different type of lace.  The halo that you see is made from a tiny braid trim that I sewed to the tulle.

Again, the freaky looking arms from the back side!  Sheesh, a kid could have nightmares with this thing standing alone on a shelf.  Not a good idea.  By the way, the train is attached with snaps at the waist.

The back of the dress in all its glory with a beautiful long train...every bride's dream!!  I had to hurry up and get this project done since they will be here for Thanksgiving next week.  We'll see how it fits then.

I think I'm going to have to get me a Barbie doll for modeling purposes.  Cuz guess what this little girl is getting for Christmas??  Yep, you guessed it.  I've already got a pattern to make her a few dresses for her Barbie doll AND I'm going to make some American Girl dresses as I think Santa is bringing her an American Girl type doll.  But sshhhhh...don't tell!  I've got to get busy with my Christmas projects.  I've also got three stick horses to make for my young grandchildren.  I'll show you the finished products once they are done.  Busy, busy, busy.....

Have a glorious day ~


Lemon Lane Cottage said...

Her expression says it all. What beautiful work on that little dress. My fingers hurt just thinking about it. Patty

Kerin said...

She's a cutie-pie, that's for certain.

I love that you are able and willing to make so many wonderful things for your grands!

My mom would sew for all six of us children, and when Christmas rolled around, she would sew into overdrive.

Home-made and heart-felt gifts are just the best!!

Kathy said...

I remember the clothes my grandma made for my Barbies. Wish I had them now, they were sooooo pretty and her workmanship was amazing, like yours. K

Cindy said...

Your little wedding dress creation is so beautiful! Your gd will love the American Doll clothes. My gd loves her American Dolls, too, I made a night gown for her yesterday and I'm thinking she may want one for her American dolls. Thanks for the idea.
Today I start on pj's for my grandson. Fun, Fun! Aren't you glad you sew, it is so wonderful to create garments for our little ones.
Hugs, Cindy

Country Dreaming said...

How lucky is your Grandaughter!
Cute skirts that she is modeling!
Barbie's dress is beautiful.
I remember my Mom making clothes for my Barbies. Such little things to work on.

Have fun.


Cindy said...

What a talented lady you are! Love your pictures of these precious girls who will treasure all the sweet things you have created for them!!! I still have aprons, etc. that my aunt and mom made for me as a child...such treasures!!!

Shannon@Cozy Home Scenes said...

What a lucky girl to have special things made by her grandmother. She sure looks happy and is very cute. I can only imagine how much work went into the doll's bridal gown. Do you still have vision after working on something so small? Heehee. Hope you and family have a wonderful Thanksgiving.-------Shannon

TinaTx said...

Beautiful! My mother made Barbie clothes for me and my sister when we were young. I so wish I still had them. She made a wedding dress and a red satin evening gown with gold sequin straps. (she made two of everything!) My sister didn't save hers either.
Your granddaughter is going to love it!

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Velma your little Granddaughter is one very lucky little girl...what a gorgeous Barbie wedding dress!!! You went to a lot of work making this and how wonderful that your little 'monkey' is so appreciative. Have fun creating for the holidays!
Maura :)


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