Friday, September 13, 2013

~Pink, White and Soft Lace~

First of all, I have to apologize for the quality of most of these pictures.  They were taken over several days and, wouldn't you know it?  It was cloudy on all those days.  Plus, I made the mistake of letting my 10-year-old grandson take pictures with my camera and I think he messed with the settings. He took the first picture shown below ;)
This is Tater Tot, grandchild number four.  She had a birthday earlier this summer and turned five years of age.   Five!?!?!  Goodness.  Anyway, she was in desperate need of some new bedding for her sage, pink and white bedroom.  Not too frilly, nothing bold.  Very simple.  Much like the Pottery Barn style of bedding.

While fabric searching,  I came across this most adorable fabric at JoAnn's and just couldn't pass it up.  It was just so darned cute and I knew that it would make an adorable pillow.  But, there was just one itsy, bitsy little problem.  See all those pink and white flowers?  They are very flimsily attached to that ribbon tape and flap wildly in the breeze.  Plus, the fabric backing is a very sheer fabric.  I could just see Tater Tot (or ornery little brothers!) trying to pull those babies off.  So I backed the fabric with some white cotton and secured each and every flower with some fabric glue.  Yes, each and every one!!

After that, I made this little pillow for her.  I think it turned out so cute!  Next, it was time to for the quilt cover.  I was going to do some simple quilting but Mama wanted a duvet and it had to be white.  Tater Tot's current bedspread is white and she took very good care of it but the thing just wasn't made very well and was falling apart.
I came across this white, quilted-look white fabric that looks very shabby chic.  Perfect!!  And then this pink and white  cotton fabric in  a simple floral pattern to use for the backing.  The flowers are shaped almost exactly like the flowers in the pillow.  Scored again!!  Of course, every little girl needs some frill and I found a simple eyelet  lace to dress up the bedding some.  Forgot to include it in this picture though :/

First, I made the pillow using the pink floral for the front and back.  I created an envelope opening on the front but it's hidden underneath the lace.  I also added some Velcro under the lace trim for a way to keep the pillow closed.
The white fabric used for the duvet was tricky.  The fabric was only 54" wide, so I had to piece together one large middle panel with a narrow panel on either side but it was extremely difficult to get it lined up straight because the pattern design wasn't even!!  I think I had to take it apart three times before I was finally satisfied wtih it.  Grrr....
Look closely.  It almost looks like a mini chenille pattern, doesn't it?  This fabric was more lightweight than I would have liked, so I lined it with some cotton fabric for more durability.  And then did some straight line machine quilting lengthwise about four inches apart.  The front of the duvet just looked too drab so I created a flap with the floral cotton that I used for the back.  I attached a Velcro strip all the way across the top and added a variety of pink buttons since I didn't have enough of one particular design. (did the same thing on the pillow).
 Oh, before attaching the backing, I added the embroidered lace around three sides.  I found some large pink flower-shaped buttons on Etsy to use around the duvet.  Looking back,  I should have ordered more to use across the top of the duvet and for the pillow but I like the way it turned out.

Tater Tot knew I was making this for her but she didn't know when it was gong to be completed.  Truth told, it was about six weeks after the big "5" celebration.  She was at her other grandma's house when I took it over and we put it on the bed as a surprise.  You can kind of see the pink checked curtains on the window.  I made those for her when she was born. :)  Her bedroom walls are a pretty sage green.  Mama was supposed to take a picture of Tater Tot on her new bedding but I got tired of waiting for her.  LOL
Tater Tot told me she loves her new bedding.
 Until next time ~

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Betty Sneeringer said...

Beautiful bedding for a five year old. You are a good designer and seamstress! Tater Tot better like it!

GardenOfDaisies said...

Oh, how lovely! I bet Tater Tot LOVED her new pink and white bedding! Pink floral, white eyelet... such beautiful fabrics and trims!

Melinda said...

I bet Taot Tot was in heaven!

Great job!

M :)

Carol OurSearsKitHome said...

How beautiful! What a wonderful gift!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

OMG, that is just gorgeous and all of the detail, lace and buttons. We all understand the hours you put into it...And you glued on each and every flower...Grandmother of the year award goes to YOU!


Cindy said...

Oh Velma, that is just so sweet! Isn't it wonderful to be able to sew for these precious little ones? I made two different quilts for my youngest granddaughter, it made my heart very happy to do it. (Even though I do not enjoy quilting, it does make me happy to see it afterwards.)
She is only lucky little girl to have you for her grandma!


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