Thursday, September 19, 2013

~Like A Bee In A Flower Garden~

Have you ever wondered what a bumblebee is thinking whenever it comes across a beautiful flower garden?

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Can you imagine what it (he..she...) is thinking with all those beautiful colors and scents?  "Oooh...look at that beautiful yellow!   Oooh....oh, I like the smell of this pink one over here.   Ooooh...that red one is calling my name!" That's why they flit from here to there constantly not knowing where to land first and how long to stay there!!

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Well, that's the way I'm feeling these days.  Like a bumblebee in a flower garden.  Well, not with flowers but much more important things!  I spent a gosh awful amount of time cleaning and packing and purging over the last year, which ended up being really good exercise in disguise.  My energy level has picked up somewhat and the desire to move onto bigger and better things has kicked in.  So guess what??  My creative mojo is coming back!  Well, I've made things for the grandbabies but that doesn't really count.  I'm finally getting back in the mood to start sewing and being creative for myself.  It's been awhile.  But the problem is.....

where to start!  Well, actually, where to land and stay awhile.  :/  I've already started on a  few of these projects.  Yeah, did you catch that?  "Started on a few of these projects".  Like this one.  I love to crochet but hadn't done it in awhile until I came across these patterns earlier in the summer.  I bought alot of soft, pima cotton yarn (mostly from the UK) and I love how it feels.  The one on the far left is called African Flower...coasters and placemats maybe?  The one in the middle is a heart...wouldn't this make an adorable banner?  And then the medallions are from an 1893 pattern....more coasters!
I've been coveting some sling bag purses that Dawn from The Feathered Nest has made and decided to make one for myself.  There couldn't be a more beautiful combination....canvas muslin, ticking fabric, vintage laces and trims.  Well, I had so much fun making it that I decided to make some more to put in my Etsy store.  They're almost done!
And then there's this.  I am over the moon in love with this Pam Kitty Morning fabric!!  While watching TV in the evenings, I am working on some cute little things that are going in my Etsy store soon.  But more about those later. ;)
I love the colors of Fall and have some fabric pieces that I want to use.  Maybe a table runner?  I've got this book that I've been getting some ideas from but not quite sure yet on what to make.
With all the hand sewing I do from my comfy recliner, I wanted a small, portable storage box for thread, needles, scissors, etc.  So I need to cover this little gift box in some fabric and pretty trims.  Can't decide exactly how to finish it though but, once it's completed, I'll show you.  What should be at the top of my sewing "to-do" list are these projects....
I started this quilt project way back when my youngest daughter was about 18 years of age.  That was over...ahem...ten years ago!!  With moving out here several years back, health issues and such, well, I had forgotten aobut it.  Until I came across it in the top of my closet last winter.  Yeah, pathetic huh?  The squares are a bit tricky (for me anyway) to put together and I've been dragging my feet about getting it done but I promised her I would have it finished this winter.

And last, but not least by any means, is this felt stocking kit for Little Bubba.  I started a tradition of making each of my grandchildren a Christmas stocking, which stay at my house for little goodies that Santa brings for them.  Yeah, Santa still comes to my house.  Next year, I have to make one for Peaches.  She's too little right now to know any better so I've got some time to get one purchased and made for her.  I'm so glad that I started this as the children anticipate them being hung on the stair railing and love looking at the intricate details on their special stockings.
See?  I feel like a bee in a flower garden!  Sigh...I am so thankful that God blessed me with the ability and desire to be creative but sometimes it can be a curse.  LOL  So many things I want to make!!  I haven't even shown you what I made Monkey for her birthday and I've got one more thing to get finsihed and in the mail.  Busy, busy, busy!!
Until next time.....

p.s.  I told you that several of these projects will end up in my Etsy store so if there's anything you would be interested in purchasing, let me know.  I'll give you more details and put it at the top of my list! After all, Christmas is just around the corner.  Can you believe it?

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Kathleen Grace said...

I love all your projects! The purse looks especially cute and I am such a fan of Pam Kitty Morning's fabrics! I haven't gotten any yet, but they are certainly on my list;>) and it's never too late to finish a quilt, the one for your daughter looks like a beauty!

vintage grey said...

Hi Sweetest Velma!!
Oh, look at all the wonderful and beautiful things you are working on!! Love those pretty fabrics, lace and doilies!! Looks like you are having a lot of crafty fun!! Looking forward to seeing your finished projects! Happy Fall! xo Heather


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