Wednesday, September 28, 2011

~Farmhouse Cupboard Vignette, Part One~

Several years ago after building our new home, there was a little nook in the breakfast area that needed to be filled.  I had an idea of how I wanted it to look. One, I was looking for some type of antique, shabby looking cupboard to go in that space; two, it had to have the right dimensions; three, it had to be in the price range that I was willing to pay, and four, it had to be yellow or white.  (My kitchen and dining room are creamy shades of blue and yellow.)  Now, that wasn't too much to ask for was it?

I had been searching for only a few months going to some of my favorite antique store haunts.  Lo and behold, I walked in a store, had one of those "lights shining from heaven" moments.  I swear I could hear the angels sing.  I saw this yellow cupboard, which is actually a darker yellow than the pictures give justice, sitting on the floor!  I had my handy dandy little tape measure with me ( a must for serious shopping), fit the space, it was the right color and, you guessed it.  it was the right price!  I think those guys were kinda shocked that they had made a sale with a customer who had been in the store maybe five minutes.
The cupboard was a perfect fit, I think.  If it had been any larger, I don't think I would have been able to keep the cabinet doors open all the way, which is what I was wanting to do to show off my collection of antiques, precious family pieces and gifts. I didn't care that there was warping and alot of peeling on the doors.  It added to its charm.

Even on the inside of the doors, there is peeling of paint, stain and warping.  Having my home built and decorated with all the blemishes that make up an old home was what I was going after, which gives it such character and charm.  I feel very at home with this type of decorating.

Having the doors open to show off everything made for great conversation with my bed and breakfast guests and family.  I could explain that this item came from an antique shop or this one came from an auction.  A couple of pieces are very special in that they were given to me by bed and breakfast guests who came back for another visit and knew what I liked to collect.  Several of the pieces were items that were on my wish list of things to own someday.  The pieces I most cherish are the ones from my grandmother, which I will point out later.  :)

I didn't realize I had so many vignettes going on until I dusted and cleaned my normally hodge-podge look.  Most of the items in my collection are things that a farm wife would have in her kitchen and I liked the idea of arranging them according to some kind of theme.  With so many items to look at, I thought it best to break my 'tour' down to two maybe three posts.

My handy-dandy son-in-law installed the cupboard for me (I made sure he had it secured really, REALLY well since I knew I had lots of things to put in there.)  I was very glad that there was plenty of space on the top to display some of the taller items.  The butter churn and coffee grinder were items that were on my wish list.  I had only one rolling pin in my collection originally and decided it looked rather lonely all by itself, so I got a couple of more and then needed someplace to store them.  What better than an old crock?

I love having the beautiful blue canning jars on the top shelf.  It adds a little burst of color.  The gadget in the back with the large handle is a fruit/vegetable masher used to puree such items for canning purposes.  The item in front of the masher looks rather menacing, doesn't it?  I 'think' it's a dough cutter.  I knew at one time, but have forgotten.  I need some help on this one.  Anyone know?  For a flash of pizzazz, I added this glass door knob.  Mr. Bill gave it to me one year for my birthday along with some other little antique knickknacks.

I love my little collection of metal tins.  I may have picked up a piece here and there.  A couple may have been gifts.  I honestly don't remember (effects of the meds I'm on :/ )  Most of the brands, I've never heard of.  There's Rumford Baking Powder, Royal Tudor Cocoa, Country Club Black Pepper (I don't think this one was ever opened as it is quite full!), Steero Bouillon Cubes and the well known Calumet Baking Powder.  The white enamel lid in the back goes to a large pot that I am using to house a plant in a bathroom.

 Years ago, when our children were younger, we went through a period of making our own butter and I used this butter mold and paddle (again, given to me by Mr. Bill).  The tinware in the back is a strainer and then the tinware coffee pot.

I love my collection of antiques.  It's almost like having my own mini antique store!  I'll take you on more of a tour tomorrow.  So, what do you think?

Hope you have a sunshine-filled day today ~

Update:  I am participating in a blog party at Laurie Anna's Vintage Home


Hope said...

Velma, your cabinet is perfect! I love the yellow and the "warpedness" of it! Everything in my home is warped including me! lol I like that you did themes too!

❁Velma ~Down Our Country Road❁ said...

Maybe that's why I love this cabinet...I must be warped, too! LOL

Cindy said...

I am DROOLING! Love, love your is PERFECT. And all your choppers and grinders and tins...oh my!!!

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

Love your cabinet...and love what is in it. I have several similar items in my home...

Anonymous said...

Love it!!! I would have snatched it up too. The butter churn on top is great. I need to find my one of those.


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