Monday, September 5, 2011

~Digital Scrapbooking~

A few days ago, I shared with you my first experience at scrapbooking.  One of those was my favorites, A Day at the Farm, and I wanted to share how I took photos and elements from the scrapbooking kit to create the finished page that was shown here.

Shortly after we bought our 160 acres, Mr. Bill bought our first real herd of cattle.  This is shipping day!
 As this is something Mr. Bill has dreamed of doing for a really long time, I had to get out the camera!

 As so much of our family life is centered around these cows and their offspring, starting here with the scrapbooking was the ideal thing to do.  I went through each picture cropping them as necessary, getting rid of any unwanted space and then rounding the corners.

I had purchased a kit called A Day at the Farm from My Memories, the scrapbooking company that I was reviewing.  It consisted of several different backgrounds, word art, animal pictures and miscellaneous pictures.  I thought this blue "denim" paper with the lines around it was really cute and would make the pictures stand out.  Oh, I forgot to add the brick red paper that was used to create some matting behind the photos...oops!  The word phrase was perfect.  All elements are of various sizes but resizing them wasn't a problem.  I could go back and forth between any or all of them to make the changes I wanted.

Since this was my first digital scrapbooking page, I ended up going back and forth between the elements and photos, moving them around, layering them as I wanted (as in moving each one to the back or to the front).  Once I got them all in place, I was able to "lock" them in place, just in case I accidentally moved one.
This is the final result!  It wasn't really that hard and I am very pleased with it.  What do you think?

Have a wonderful Labor Day~

Update:  I'm participating in these blog parties:

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Kathleen Grace said...

Hi Velma,
I saw your comment on Cozy Little House and came for a visit. I searched for your etsy shop but couldn't find it. Can I make a suggestion? Your blog can be a great tool to drive people to your etsy shop, may I suggest a link to your shop in the sidebar? There are lots of cool tools available to do that, I have one by craftcult on my sidebar that if you click on the craftcult name will take you to a reallyeasy page to set up an etsy shop link that shows what's in your shop and you can personalize it in several different ways. I don't get a commision or anything, lol, but lots of people helped me when I began blogging and I like to pass that help along when I can. You have a great blog and I plan to visit often:>)


Lisa said...

Wow, what a major undertaking... I'm sure its a lot of work, but it also looks fun. I'd love to have open space like that. Your scrap booking is coming along fabulous!

Cindy said...

Oh, I love cows so I really enjoyed your post. Sweet blog, following you!

Cindy said...

I love cows! Sweet blog, I'm following!


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