Saturday, November 17, 2012

~Strawberry French Toast and A Cookbook Winner~

I'm sharing another one of my cookbook recipes with you today.  I started making Strawberry French Toast for our B&B guests after it became an instant hit with my family.   It's one of those dishes that you prepare the night before and then all you have to do is stick it in the oven in the morning!  Those types of dishes work really well for me as I'm not really a morning person.  What?  Yeah, hard to believe, huh?  A non-morning person getting up at the crack of dawn to prepare a gourmet breakfast for B&B guests.  It was definitely God working in me to be able to do that and, I must say, it brought me great joy.

 This is one easy-peasy recipe but it is so yummy!  It's pretty self-explanatory so I won't bore you with more details.  Though I haven't tried it, I'm sure any type of berry could be used.  And the recipe could easily be cut in half if necessary....but who would want to? lol

And I have a really scientific method for choosing the winner of my Breakfast & Brunch Cookbook.  You'll be impressed ;)  I haven't figured out how to number my comments (someone help me?) and I don't have that random generator thingy downloaded either, so I just had my hubby, Mr. Bill, choose a number and I had him verify his choice...

Impressive, huh?  Thank goodness there weren't a hundred jillion comments and I only had to count down to #11.  I found that it belongs to Kerin, one of my dear blogging friends, from Always Fixin', Never Sittin'.  Kerin said..."I'd have to say, I'm both a baker and a cook.  I love to do both, and do both on a regular basis.  Nothing like a home cooked meal!"
Congratulations, Kerin!  I'll send you an email so that I can get your mailing address.
Thank you for all of those who entered.  If, by chance, you would like to purchase one of my cookbooks, you can do so at the My Store page on this blog.

 It's a beautiful day today.  I pray that you are able to find a little beauty in your day as well~

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Blondie's Journal said...

The strawberry French toast sounds so delicious! And a big hurray for Kerin in winning your book!


Kerin said...

Thanks Velma!

I'm super excited that I was chosen to receive your wonderful cookbook.
What a treat!!

The recipe looks so delish!
I think it would be perfect to make during the coming week, when all the kids are home :)

Have a wonderful weekend, my friend.


The Polka Dot Closet said...

Congratulations! to Kerin! I don't know how to number comments, but here is the website to do random number choice Right on that page you can enter how many people commented and it will randomly chose a number, nifty. Let me know if you have trouble using it.



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