Monday, October 8, 2012

~Mountain Men and Apple Pull Apart Bread~

Yep, mountain men and Apple Pull Apart Bread.  They do have something in common. didn't know that?  Well, they kinda, sorta have something in common.  You'll see.  I promise.

Mr. Bill and I took off in our RV for a few days this last weekend up to near Bartlesville, OK.  It's less than two hours away but it still allows us time to unwind and relax.  Earlier this summer, I shared with you our trip up to Woolaroc where we learned that the preserve hosts the Mountain Man Rendezvous several the Spring and Fall.  Well, the Fall event is here and we couldn't wait!  A major cold front was coming through but that didn't stop us from enjoying a fun time.

We were surprised to see so many canvas tents and teepees set up in this valley area that we visited during the summer.  Everything, and I mean everything, had to represent the era when the mountain man lifestyle was at its peak....around the 1840s.  The log style cabin in the top photos was the only one there..  Of course, an exception was made for the "Porta-Potties" to be used by the campers and visitors alike.  Thank goodness!! 
Everyone shows their, cooking/eating utensils, bedding, weapons.   Everything has to be "authentic" meaning they must represent the 1840s or earlier.  All modern conveniences (such as ice chests) had to be covered up.  Many of them had the folding wooden chairs shown above but they claim that they weren't comfortable at all.  Just gave them a place to 'set a spell'.  And they are able to have campfires to cook their meals and especially to stay warm during this cold snap. Thankfully, these people were very careful and attentive to the fact that we have been in a drought for the last two years.

During the time they are there, competitions are held for not only the men but women and children, too.   We were able to see the women participate in the bow/arrow and hatchet throwing events.  They even participate in the musket shooting events!  The women in the lower picture have been attending these events for anywhere from four/five to fifteen years and more.  Obviously, they truly enjoy this hobby lifestyle.  The one with the white scarf on her head is working on her loom making decorative belting to sell.  Many of the people sell or barter their wares to help each other out.
We saw a variety of clothing styles...frontiersman, Englsih, French and then the true mountain man attire.  These guys are really serious about their stuff!!  Reminds me of our favorite movies, "Jeremiah Johnson".  All clothing had to be made of leather, fur, wool and heavy linen held together by leather strips, leather/wovenbelts, wooden or bone buttons, heavy-duty safety pins (from that era) and shoes were either leather boots or moccasins.  The guy in the lower corner just shot off his muzzle loading flintlock rifle (according to hubby).
It truly was a fun time listening to the people talk about the things they had made; we saw the pride they took in creating things that may have been used by the mountain men; why they love participating in these rendezvous' and even listening to some pretty good yarns.  That's half the fun of their get-togethers, I think!

These were the wares that I bought....brass and silver scissors, brass thimble, wooden candlesticks and this lovely, tarnished but decorative silver pitcher.  I couldn't resist!  After all, I felt it my duty to help these mountaineers sustain their habit. ;)
Well, as much as I love camping, even learning how these people were roughing it, and, as much as I would love to learn how to bake over a campfire pit, I'm not quite ready to give up the modern conveniences we have in our RV.
So, I followed my original plan of putting together a batch of homemade Apple Pull Apart Bread in my handy-dandy oven that bakes at an even temperature without me having to tend to it all the time.  At the time I was making this bread, I realized I forgot the memory card for the camera and tried to take pictures with my I-phone but they didn't turn out too well.  This photo comes from the pic I had pasted in my recipe book.  This recipe reminds me of Apple Fritters but without the frying.  And, being the kind soul that I am, I want to share my recipe with you....
So, here you have it...Mountain Men and Apple Pull Apart Bread.  All in the same weekend.  See?  I told you they had something in common.  ;)
Hope you are having a wonderful Monday ~



Carol OurSearsKitHome said...

Hi, Velma,
I was just thinking of you this morning!
I remember the trip to Woolaroc. It was fascinating.
This trip is too. And how much more autumn can you get than baking with apples?!
Have a wonderful week!

vintage grey said...

What an awesome trip, and the apple bread sounds so yummy! Thanks for sharing! Have a great week! xo Heather

Dragonfly Treasure said...

What a wonderful weekend! Your bread loooks so yummy...I pinned :)

Anonymous said...

Saw your #82 @ StoneGable,looked so good I had to pop over and see the recipe,yum,I can almost smell the goodness,pull me off a giant piece please.


Cindy said...

Wow! What a fabulous thing to visit and watch. Your bread looks good, I have made it, it's in the oven rising as I write this. I'll let you know how it turns out.
Thanks for the recipe.
Hugs, cindy

Melinda said...

Yummy recipe!

Looks like a great trip too.

M :)


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