Saturday, October 20, 2012

~Creating Family Heirlooms Baby Style~

Awhile back, I gave you a sneak peak of some projects I was working on for our newest grandbaby who was born about a month ago. They involved some cotton fabrics, yarn, decorator fabric, corduroy and denim.  With the upcoming birth of each of my youngest daughter's children, she has asked me to make curtains, bedding, diaper bags and carrier covers.

I wish I had some pictures to show you the adorable things I made for big sister, Tater Tot, but I couldn't find any and her things have been stored away.  But I do have pictures of what I made for Bubba.
Brittney decided to reuse the carrier cover and baby bedding that I had made.  The fabric is a cowboy print from Waverly and then I used a lightweight denim, corduroy and coordinating cotton fabrics.  By the way, their Daddy made the crib when Tater Tot was born.  He's quite the carpenter, isn't he?  I also made the bedroom curtains using the Waverly fabric but forgot to take pics of them.

This is the diaper bag I made for Bubba but it is getting rather ragged.  Brittney wanted Little Bubba to have some things he could call his own and asked me to make some new ones just for him.  How could I resist a daughter who is so big on handmade items that may become heirlooms for her babies?

Thankfully, I had plenty of leftover fabric stored away to make a new one.   It's taken me a while, with a few interruptions along the way, so I just got it finished yesterday!!  I know, I know.  Tsk, tsk.  But I can say that I had the other items completed in time for her shower.  More about those in a minute.
Here's the new and improved diaper bag for Little Bubba!  This time I quilted the fabric for better stability and sprayed all the pieces with fabric protector with hopes to keep it cleaner.  When she washed the first one...only faded rather quickly.

A changing pad made of the denim and cotton fabric.  The back pocket of the diaper bag is made with the corduroy.

The inside lining made with a western print fabric and you couldn't ask for sturdier pockets with the denim.

I think it turned out so cute if I do say so myself.  I must say that it's a bit more of a challenge turning and sewing through several layers of the heavier decorator fabric but it is more durable. So we don't have to be so concerned about it tearing or fraying in the heavier use areas.
  One of the other baby projects involved this yarn in colors of denim and wheat.  For each of my grandbabies, I've crocheted a baby afghan in colors that coordinated with their room colors.  Wouldn't you know, I forgot to take pictures!  At least I think I did.  When I went to search for them to add to this post, I couldn't find any.  Huh.
And the biggest project involved all these beautiful western prints.  The Waverly print was way too heavy for a quilt and I was ecstatic when I found this dark red cowboy print that coordinated perfectly.

I made lots and lots of Granny Squares while trying to make sure that no two were alike.

 Isn't it amazing how the look of the pattern changes when rearranging the layout of light and dark fabrics?

Though machine quilting is so much quicker, I 've always preferred hand quilting.  It adds such character and knowing that each stitch was put in by hand just adds that something special.  Which do you prefer?
There was a finished quilt on display in a fabric store not too far from where I live but, unfortunately, she didn't have any more of the backing fabric available.  Lots of cowboys and bucking horses.  I wanted that fabric!!  I was able to find some online and ordered loads of it.  If you look above, you can see that I also used it to line the diaper bag.

Here's the finished quilt.  I love how it turned out.  Tomorrow I'll take the fnished diaper bag to Brittney and then she'll have ALL the new family hand.  Though her babies may not know now of the work and love that Mammer (me) put into creating these things for them, I hope that they will cherish them when they are grown and start families of their own.  They may not have alot of monetary value, but handmade family heirlooms are the most special.  Don't you think?
I pray that your day is filled with all the joy, beauty and color that the Fall season brings~

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Connie said...

I have a 32year old son and his room for several years was cowboy themed. I have always loved western. You did a great job on your gifts. They will be the most special because you may them. Please tell me you signed them somewhere with your name.

Linda Stubbs said...

You did a beautiful job!!!!!!! How fun for you Velma, to put all that love into every little stitch! It will be treasured I am sure forever!!!!!!!!!!!

Hugs from my farm, me

Cindy said...

Hello dear Velma,
Your grand babies and daughter are so blessed to have you in their lives! Your handmade projects are very beautiful. Yes, if I had a choice I would definitely prefer hand quilting, but I have never done hand quilting and my fingers are not working so well these days, I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to hold a needle for long periods of time. They hurt from just using a computer! This aging stuff is not good!
I am going to show quilt that I made next week. It's a simple one that I ditch stitched and tied. My daughter is like yours, she rings up mom to make these things that she loves.
You are a very talented lady!
Love and hugs, Cindy

Betty Sneeringer said...

What a nice job you did on the bag and quilt - the selection of fabric and the styles and work! I'm with you, the handquilting is the best.


Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

Your daughters and grandbabies are so lucky that you have created such beautiful pieces that will last for years!

jill said...

Hi.I have just found your lovely blog and look so forward to reading more.Love your quilt lovely colours you have done it in.Love Jill xx

Melinda said...

Great job. You do beautiful work.
These babies are lucky to have you!

M :)

Anita @ Cedar Hill Ranch said...

I am so impressed with your seamstress skills. Wow, wow, and did I say "wow"? Great job!!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Girlfriend you have been busy!!! I love the cowboy fabric, that is making a comeback so you are on the fore front of a trend, and the the quilt, yep, an heirloom.


Kerin said...

Oh Velma...
what beautiful work you do! I am so impressed with everything that you've made. What a lucky baby!!
And, a lucky daughter too!!

You are such a blessing in their lives. How lucky they are to have you :)


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