Tuesday, August 13, 2013

~And Baby Makes Seven~

I'm way overdue sharing this with you but I've had a hard time finding the pics I wanted and couldn't get my computer to recognize the external hard drive I use to store them.  :/  Anyway, you wanna hear a story?   You do?  Great!

Once upon a time, there was a young lady (my middle child, Melissa)....

 She fell in love and got married.  Not only did she gain a husband (Jim), but she gained this...

a new son!  This is J.W. at about the age of three.  And the family gained their first grandchild!!

The grandmother (me) always called this little guy her "Sunshine boy" because he brightened her day every time she saw him.   After a few years, momma and daddy decided that this little guy needed a sibling.

 And J.W. got a new little brother.  He is nicknamed "Rascal" here on the blog.
 Aunt "Bee", who is my youngest daughter, Brittney

And life has been good for this family though the boys are as different as night and day in their personalities and have been quite a handful for their momma in that they both are quite hyperactive.  She is more the reserved quiet type.

And, because of that, momma said that there would be no more little babies in their household.

 Unless she knew that God could give her a little girl and and one who was quiet in nature like herself.

 Even so, it would take a miracle, she said (can you see where I'm going with my story?)  And she was content with what God had given her.
 Fast forward nine years after the birth of little Rascal and J.W. is now 14.  Things began to happen to this little momma that made her wonder.  Is she pregnant?  Surely not! The signs were there but surely it was a mistake.   In shock and disbelief, she told no one (except hubby of course) of what was soon to be the inevitable.

And so she waited until her first ultrasound.  She finally saw what she said would have to happen.  God had placed a miracle within her body.  She could no longer be in denial.  It was time to share the news with the rest of the family.

Rascal loves tractors and big equipment, dogs and playing with his cousins.
 It was right after the holidays.  She opted to give her parents the news over the phone since her mom had been battling the flu.  They were speechless but extremely elated!  And then the news spread to the rest of the family.

Needless to say, everyone was praying that she would have a little girl. She needed a little girl!  Maybe someone who was more quiet and reserved like her momma. Time passed and further ultrasounds revealed that at least one prayer had been answered. Another granddaughter (number three) was being added to the brood.

J.W. loves being creative, sports and fishing.
Rascal was glad because Momma needed a little girl on her side.  He couldn't wait to be a big brother and set a good example for her.   J.W., on the other hand, was on the fence about the whole thing. After all, he was a teenager now and knowing that his parents would do that thing that made new babies was just a bit too disgusting for him.
As time passed, momma wrestled with the joys and tribulations of new motherhood and pregnancy and the family anxiously awaited the arrival of the new baby.  Nursery colors were chosen and names were tossed around and discussed but nothing definite was decided.

Finally, the big day came!  God was good.  Labor and delivery went extremely well.   The new little princess arrived on July 22nd.

Rascal is about to explode with the joy and anticipation of helping momma take care of this new little bundle.

As much as he tried to hide it, it's easy to see that J.W. is also happy with his new little sister.

A name was finally chosen for the new baby though not the one that Rascal wanted.

But, here on the blog, we will use the name he chose (why he chose it no one knows!)
She will be called Peaches.

Welcome to our family, Peaches!
Momma says she is a good baby and only time will tell as to whether or not she has a personality more like herself.   But God is good.  I think that the family's prayers have been answered. :)

The end.

P.S.  THIS is the big news that I've been wanting to share with you guys!!  It was so hard to keep it a secret but I wanted to wait until her arrival.  We are truly blessed.  Seven grandchildren ranging from almost 15 to 23 days of age, four boys and three girls.

Until next time ~
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Nancy said...

Your wonderful story got me all misty eyed. Congrats to all!

Betty Sneeringer said...

How great! Congratulations to all. She will just be a joy in your family whether she is "rascally" or calm and sweet! Have you moved yet?

Melinda said...

What a precious bundle!



Balisha said...

The way you told the story was precious...almost as precious as the dear little "Peaches."

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

That's my kind of story... a very happy one! So happy for all of you. Peaces is beautiful!

Cindy said...

Oh my goodness, what a sweet story. Congratulations on seven beautiful grandchldren, you and they are blessed!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

What a sweet family and a wonderful surprise. Peaches is adorable! I can see why it took awhile to put this post together, but here it is for all time! Thank you for sharing!


trish said...

Congratulations! "Peaches" is absolutely beautiful. As is your whole family. :o)


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